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When it comes to experience of selling farms, land, estates, home, personal items, etc. our firm has a proven record. Jim, Lenny, Scott and Tyler have a wide knowledge and education of land prices, rents, and market trends across South Dakota. The experience that each of us has and are able to provide to our clients can stand up to anyone in the industry. When it comes to marketing your property our office focuses on areas where the buyers will come from, and our advertising is for the benefit of your property with an aggressive marketing strategy. We market property through the internet, mail, newspaper and magazines. We advertise both locally and nationally, advertising to the right people, not just mass e-mails or flyer advertisements, is key in achieving top dollar so we market your property for highest results. Our firm understands that when it comes to the sale of a client’s property; real estate, land, or personal property, that they have accumulated over their lifetime they deserve nothing short of the best service. Our company bases itself on offering personal, confidential service with detailed information on each and every auction no matter the size, nothing too big and nothing too small. Please feel free to contact us for a confidential meeting on any questions you may have dealing with auctions of all types, Agricultural Land, Residential Real Estate, Commercial, or Personal Property, come see what the power of the live auction can bring you. Over the past number of years we have developed and maintained a wide number of clients giving both buyer and seller the best opportunity to achieve their desired result.